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Since 2001 emcee/producer Eli Cash has brought a fresh, honest mentality to hip-hop while making a name for himself releasing underground hip-hop albums with fellow producer, the Jolly Taxpayer under their Madison, WI-based lowKey Productions. Fueled in part by growing up in the racially-segregated, poverty-stricken town of Racine,WI, Eli Cash mixes street-smart wit and quick rhymes with instantly memorable production.


Eli Cash's 2004 debut album, Kill the Radio, brought electrified reviews from alternative media and -through strong word of mouth support- has become an underground classic. His latest release is 2006's Escapism, which deals with current flash-point topics such as the destructive nature of the current US government, mass unemployment, & the need to escape -- all in a rhythmic, low-key style. Eli Cash’s fast-paced lyrics are put to gritty yet melodic backbeats, with influenes ranging from 60's Doo-Wop and Soul ("Dreams") to 90's alternative hip-hop and modern indie rock ("Neo-Retro"). Not convinced? Check out Eli Cash live!

A Kill the Radio Classic!

"Midwest Movement"
ELi CA$H feat. Reign
el Guante
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