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"Eli Cash is makin' a midwest movement combining quick flows, provacative lyrics & lowkey beats; in the vein of Mos Def, Method Man and Atmosphere."


Cover of Eli Cash - Escapism (2006 lowkey)Escapism (2006 lowkey), the sophomore album from Eli Cash & the Jolly Taxpayer. Eli Cash's fast-paced lyrics are put to gritty yet melodic backbeats, with influenes ranging from 60's Doo-Wop and Soul ("Dreams") to 90's alternative hip-hop and modern indie rock ("the Noise").


Cover of Eli Cash - KILL THE RADIO (2004 lowkey)Kill the Radio (2004 lowkey)
Eli Cash's classic 2004 debut album that has made heads nod from Cali to the UK. Sixteen all-original tracks, including the hits "Midwest Movement" and "Watchout", which was recorded live at Memorial Union, Madison,WI.

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